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Lake Mead Wellness Center Scholarships

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Achieving future goals with three strategic objectives

Develop a discipleship culture; Become financially self-sustaining; Streamline processes and procedures. These are the three strategic objectives that will guide LMCM through the future. Everything that we do should be filtered through those three objectives. As a ministry, we have committed to identifying and publishing our funding priorities each year in the form of an Annual Giving Plan. This plan will give us and our stakeholders clear direction for our sustained growth.

Financially Supporting the key areas of LMCM

This crowdfunding campaign is designed to give you, our valued stakeholder, the option of directing where your financial support will be used. We know that people like to give to causes that they are passionate about! We hope that you will feel confident in giving to this area of LMCM, and know that your generosity is greatly valued and appreciated.

A note from the Director:

In January we celebrated our 4th birthday since opening our doors to the community. When COVID struck the world, the mental and relational health world as an essential business didn’t miss a beat. Our therapists have over 250 active clients, and during the closure and summer months had a larger caseload than ever. We recognize how incredibly important the support that the Lake Mead Wellness Center is during times of uncertainty. This year has also highlighted the need to secure more donors for the center. We do not want to turn anyone away because of lack of ability to pay. Our goal for this 31st year of ministry is to have 31 donors to the ministry – currently we have 2. Each and every dollar will help men, women, teens, families, and marriages become the best version of themselves in 2021. - Michelle Blakeley, Clinical Director

Donor support is essential for non-profits

Traditional non-profits grow with ongoing donor support, and we are a multi-faceted non-profit that relies on the financial generosity of our supporters for expansion. Lake Mead Christian Ministries is a recognized 501(c)(3) non-profit organization by the IRS, and gifts are fully tax deductible as allowed by law. Do you have specific questions about how your donation is used at LMCM? Contact BJ Blakeley at (702) 493-7791 or

Thanks To Our Recent Donors!